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Children’s love to spend their free time playing and enjoying their favorite games. We have already talked about the benefits of installing artificial grass in gardens, terraces and sports surfaces as football fields, paddle and tennis courts, etc. But now is time to talk about children playgrounds. 

Is Realturf good for them? The answer is yes! Realturf has artificial grass available in a wide range of colors, suitable for children playgrounds, parks, schools, etc.

Artificial grass features for children playground


Artificial grass for children playground guarantees the safest surface. Our Realpad is a shock pad that will reduce children’s falls and offers the latest development for Kids playgrounds with our SoftLand Technology.


Our Color Kids product range has a double drainage thanks to MaxDrain System, that will drain liquids and dirt quickly. Double drainage, double cleaning.


We manufacture ColorKids with fireproof materials. If there was an accidental fire, thanks to FireProof System, the turf wouldn’t ignite


Moreover, the composition of the fibers in this artificial grass range makes that the electrostatic charge of the grass to dissipate and not accumulate on it, thanks to Antistatic Technology.


Finally, our LandscapeEco Technology will make your turf free of bacteria because its fibers are treated with antibacterial products. So, you don’t have to worry if your children play barefoot on the turf.

Main advantages of ColorKids artificial grass for children areas

ColorKids artificial grass has a lot of advantages for children playgrounds, especially if we compare it with rubber products in the market nowadays. Three of the main advantages that our customers value more are:

1. Saving

ColorKids is cheaper than rubber. Not just because of the price, but because with Realpad, they can be installed on a compacted soil surface. This will reduce the total installation cost.

2. Performance

Color Kids with Realpad are a perfect system because they will keep cushioning over time. When artificial grass useful life gets over, it won’t be necessary to change all the installation. The shock pad will be kept in the installation, so we will save money again.

3. Beauty

ColorKids will let your imagination fly and make a lot of different shapes, colors, and even custom logos in your children playground.

Artificial grass colors

We can find artificial grass in blue, green, yellow, black and red color. It is a funny way to decorate a park, a school’s playground, a children playground or even an indoor room in your home. RealColors range is 100% safe artificial grass for the little ones. Moreover, it is a funny decoration. Every child will want to play in our artificial turf!

If you want to decorate your home with RealColors, please contact us. In Realturf we will offer the best option for you.