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Artificial turf for garden Bravo

RealTurf Bravo artificial turf for garden

Quality doesn’t has to be expensive, the artificial turf model Bravo mixes BodyShape fibers in a “C” shape that provide a great recovery and textured fibers with root effect for a greater realism and naturalness to your garden.

This artificial turf does not need filling because it has a high density of fibers that provides a lush texture and thanks to the ” SoftMax ” technology, the fiber has an incredible softness .

Softness at its best!

  • Height: 35mm
  • Stitches: 8.800
  • Weight: 2.544 grms/m2
  • Softness: 100%

    “RealTurf Bravo” Technologies

    Our “SoftMax” technology gives the fiber an incredible softness. This technology is responsible for making your lawn the most comfortable place in your garden.

    SoftMax will make you not want to be anywhere else!

    All our products are equipped with the “LongLife” technology that makes the fiber more durable making your garden last perfect much more time.

    With LongLife your garden in perfect conditions for much longer!

    “BodyShape” The combination of shapes in the fibers gives the product an optimun recovery, sometimes supplanting the fibers with nerves. With this method we obtain a softer fiber and with a suitable recovery.

    BodyShape a shape for every need!

    Applications and usage

    Special for private high standing gardens, terraces, play areas with pets, and / or commercial applications.
    Recommended for medium traffic use areas.

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    2018 Garden Collection


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