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Everyone asks this question when they want to buy artificial grass. The truth is that artificial grass’ useful life depends on its use: it is not the same a domestic use than a sport use.

Realturf artificial grass Sports Collection’s useful life

In all these cases we can say that the estimated useful life is 10 years, depending on the game’s frequency and intensity. Other important factor is the maintenance. Maintenance is not a luxury but a necessity to enjoy a surface in perfect condition for a longer time. After 10 years you should consider changing the turf because game performance worsens. 

Sports Collection

Realturf artificial grass Garden Collection’s useful life

It does not require so much care and maintenance as sports facilities. You will not need any machinery or specialized staff. However, it would be good some watering and brushing from time to time and using some artificial grass cleaning product would be great and it will make a longer life to your turf. We can recommend our product RealSmell Enzymatic Cleanser. Thanks to its triple effect, it will not only sanitize the surface, it also will help dissipate the static charge and give the surface a smell of freshly cut grass. In this case, artificial grass useful life is longer than in sports facilities varying from 12 to 15 years, depending on the use and maintenance.

Realturf Garden Collection is ideal for gardens, terraces, swimming-pools or penthouses. We guarantee non-color lost caused by UV rays nor chlorine. Besides, Realturf artificial grass is fireproof, so you can install it next to a barbecue safely.


Pets are welcome to Realturf gardens installations. Our products, such as Oasis or Terranova are treated with anti-bacterial products to make your garden free of any bacteria. To clean animal waste, use the RealSmell Enzymatic Cleaner. Let it act for a few minutes and rub it against the brush to help the grass remain straight. It cleans and eliminate bad odors and produces bacterial enzymes that act to degrade organic matter. After application, the lawn will have a pleasant aroma.

If you follow these tips your lawn will be brilliant for a longer time.

If you need more information about our products, do not hesitate to contact us. We will make your life easier.