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One of the reasons why many people want to install artificial grass at home is because they want to remove the natural grass they had before. Obviously, natural grass needs a lot of maintenance, water, fungicides, herbicides, mowing, etc. Besides all this maintenance, natural grass requires a big economic effort.

If you also decide to install artificial grass in your garden, you will save a lot of money, and moreover, you will help the environment. Why? Because an artificial grass installation will save 5 water liters for square meter, if we compare it with natural grass. You will save almost a 40% in your invoices.

Furthermore, if you want to improve the natural look of your garden, one of the best options is to plant trees or natural plants with your artificial grass. They will look beautiful together. Your garden will look natural and fresh with a very low maintenance and, besides, saving water.

How to plant natural plants in artificial grass?

Preparing the ground is a very easy task. Artificial grass can be installed on any kind of surface: concrete, soil, tiles, etc.

Anyway, you can click the following link to see step by step how to install artificial grass on soil. Or if you prefer, you can click the following link to watch a tutorial video about how to install artificial grass on soil.

You just need to follow some easy steps and you will enjoy your new grass. We explain as follows.

Prepare the ground


Firstly, you must prepare the ground. You must clean all the stuff that could be on the surface, dry leaves, roots, stones, everything must go. We need a flat surface in order that the turf setts perfectly up.

As follows, you need to mark the places where you will have your natural plants, you can have as much as you want. The turf will be installed around them.

Install an anti-weed geotextile


Secondly, you must install an anti-weeds geotextile mesh which will avoid weeds growing. Moreover, it will help to drain the turf.

Install the artificial turf


Finally, once the surface is flat, we will install the turf. It is very important to measure properly all the surface.

If you have never installed artificial grass before, we recommend following the previous links, they will be very helpful. Anyway, if you prefer to enjoy your free time with other hobbies, get in touch with artificial turf professional installers.

Plant your trees

Once you have finished the artificial grass installation, you can decorate your garden. You can keep the plants you had before in your natural grass. Just leave them where they were and install the artificial grass around them, you can leave as many as you want. Or you can plant some new plants or trees too, just leave without turf the places where you want to plant them.

Therefore, before installing the artificial grass you must marked the places where the plants and trees will be.

You will get a beautiful, natural and fresh garden with a low maintenance and a big saving.

If you would like to design your perfect garden, get in touch with Realturf.

We will make your life easier!!

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