Maintenance Tips

Always Perfect Artificial Turf

For REALTURF products to get the right performance and become an ideal surface, requires a minimum of regular care and maintenance.

Maintenance is not a luxury but a necessity for our customers to enjoy a surface in perfect condition and for a longer time. The following information is intended to help and maximize the useful life and performance of the product, ensuring a satisfactory use in order to maintain the natural appearance and beauty of your installation.



It is convenient to brush weekly the synthetic fibers with a brush of plastic bristles, in order to keep them straight and easily remove leaves and other debris from the surface.
According to the amount of activity that has been performed on the surface, it will have to be brushed with more or less frequency.



Dust can settle on the surface of the lawn, so it’s advisable to wash it with a hose for a few minutes. In addition, the irrigation will help maintain a suitable temperature over the entire surface. This will keep the lawn always fresh, bright and with all its color.


RealSmell: Enzymatic Cleanser

Bacteria buildup is not generally a problem with an artificial turf that’s being cleared frequently. If you suspect there are bacteria in your lawn, you can use our enzymatic cleanser RealSmell to remove the buildup of bacterial spores. In addition, thanks to its triple effect, it will not only sanitize the surface, it also will help dissipate the static charge and give the surface a smell of freshly cut grass.

If it’s a small area, such as a place where your pet urinates frequently, you can use our enzymatic cleanser in a spray bottle, and if you want to treat the entire lawn, you can use a garden hose attachment, to treat larger areas.

The handling and use of chemical cleaners in general must be carried out strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In case of doubt or for further clarification, please contact RealTurf.


Stain Removal

  • For stain removal it is advisable to act quickly, as fresh stains are always easier to remove than dry stains.
  • Remove any solid with a plastic spatula.
  • Wipe liquid excess with heavy paper towels or an absorvent cloth, which can be swept or vacuumed afterwards.

There are different types of spots:

  • Spots that are easily cleared with RealSmell Enzymatic Cleanser, such as: coffee, tea, juice, cocoa, watercolors, milk, ice cream, ketchup, food coloring, mustard, margarine, butter, beer and sodas.
    1. For a manual spray use, shake the product and apply it directly to the surface. Let it act and brush the surface of the lawn so that the fibers remain strainght. If desired, it can be rinsed with water or let it dry.
    2. For hose spraying, you have to connect the hose to the container keeping the water flow closed. Open the hose water gently (minimum pressure 3 bar) and then open the red sprayer wrench. Then open the black key that will automatically mix a proportion of 2% of the product with the water. Finally apply to the lawn in an upright position. Brush and let it dry.

    1 container of 750ml with the dispenser with hose connection (mix 2% with water) can clean up to 400m² of surface.

  • Stains that are removed with cleansers that include chemicals such as neutral PH dry cleaning fluids are: asphalt, ballpoint pen, bitumen, cooking oil, lipstick, soil wax, bronzer oil, motor grease, and chewing gum . They should only be applied by rubbing with an impregnated cloth to minimize possible effects on the sub-base.
    1. These cleaners should be applied sparingly, using a damp cloth and taking care to prevent their penetration into the lawn.
    2. Before using any chemical substance, you should consult with the technical team of RealTurf.


  • Chewing gum can be removed with the use of our “RealSmell” Enzymatic Cleanser or by freezing. Aerosol cleaners or floor cleaning fluids may be used for this purpose. When using these products it is necessary to ensure that the instructions for use are strictly adhered to.
  • To clean animal waste, use the “Realsmell” Enzymatic Cleaner by shaking the product to spray it directly on the surface. Let it act for a few minutes and rubbing it against the brush to help the grass remain straight. The “Dual Realsmell” Enzymatic Cleaner that cleans and eliminates bad odors, produces bacterial enzymes that act to degrade organic matter. After application, the lawn will have a pleasant aroma.
adverse weather

Adverse weather

Synthetic paving freezes at temperatures below -5°C. It is advised not to use the surface in these conditions. If its use is unavoidable, vaporized dry salt can be applied. The application dose can be approximately 0.15 kg/m2. Under no circumstances should be applied stone salt.

The heavy fall of snow must be removed using wooden shovels, avoiding sharp metal shovels or plastic in any case.

drainage system

Drainage system

If necessary, help the drainage using a sponge roller, although it is something quite improbable in a porous installation.

The drainage system, network of pipes, manholes and collectors must be checked and cleaned as often as necessary.



Occasionally, weed control is necessary to ensure that no vegetation accumulates on the surface. Weed control agents should be water based products. It must also be ensured that when the weeds have been eradicated, the inert material (roots included) is removed from the structure of the lawn.

Moss and algae require specialized treatment, which includes the use of certain techniques and chemicals to eliminate waste. If this problem occurs, contact the company in charge of the installation.



Minor damage can occur under intensive use of the facility, which can lead to larger scale problems if they are not repaired quickly. A daily inspection of the surface and immediate repair of outstanding problems by specialized RealTurf installers is essential.

The installation must go through a general inspection twice a year. All meetings must be inspected and weak points noted.

Repairs are easier to carry out in hot, dry weather conditions, since adhesives grip better and consolidate more quickly.

Do not use adhesives when the pavement is wet, except under expert supervision.

Contact the specialized installation team of RealTurf for any repair, both minor and larger, if you are not an expert in the field.



  • Artificial turf is attacked by solvents, acids and, in general, petroleum derivatives, to avoid spills of these products.
  • Although it does not spread the flames, it is burned by the action of cigarettes, matches and any element of flame or excessive heat, sparks, etc. In case of burns, notify the installer for immediate repair, replacing the affected part with a new one.
  • Avoid vehicle traffic exceeding 1,000Kg in weight. Do not use vehicles with nail wheels or chains.
  • Do not store materials, such as drums, wood, etc.
  • If garbage and mud are allowed to enter, it will affect the behavior of the artificial grass surface.
  • Cleaning costs are high, so it is advisable to monitor and control these restrictions. The client who does not implement them, or ceases to be vigilant, must accept responsibility for any future pavement defect.