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Artificial Turf for paddle courts



RealTurf Match, technology on your playing field.

BodyShape monofilaments give fibers a great resilience and the use of high durability polyethylene polymers make it the ideal surface for paddle clubs where the surface is to be used intensively.



  • 100% Recovery
  • 90% Softness
  • 100% Durability


Available Colors:

  • Match Green Fiber

    Match Green Fiber




    “RealTurf Match” Technologies




    With Bodyshape the combination of shapes in the fibers gives the product an optimun recovery, sometimes supplanting the fibers with nerves. With this method we obtain a softer fiber and with a suitable recovery.



    RealTurf with the LongLive technology, has managed to considerably extend the life of this product exceeding 40.000 usage cycles.



    Applications and usage


    Artificial turf for high competition paddle surfaces.



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    Sports Artificial Turf



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