High Quality Artificial Turf

At RealTurf we manufacture high quality Artificial Turf, we design and develop our products with the sole purpose of satisfying all our customers. From this area you can learn more about our brand, its advantages and why RealTurf is the best brand of artificial grass.

Values that differentiate us:

Fabricante españolFabricante español

The confidence of being
Spanish manufacturers.


The guarantee of being
with the leaders

Spanish Manufacturers

What makes RealTurf different is that it has been awarded the distinctive Spanish Origin Certificate (OEC), a certificate that recognizes that RealTurf products are of Spanish origin.

This tool has the mission of reinforcing the image of Spanish companies through certification and promotion of the origin of their products. The OEC seal helps boost and increase the economic and social value of Spanish companies that manufacture in Spain, making them more visible and enhancing their identification by the consumer.

Our manufacturing process

I+D and Design

According to the R&D parameters, the specific lawn type is designed for each application: fiber type, color, curl, height, etc…


The chosen material is melted and extruded through a perforated steel plate from which it comes out in the form of threads.

Formation of the fiber

The yarns are tensioned and stretched until a fiber as thin as the natural grass remains.
Then, several fibers are combined to form multi-strand yarn bobbins.


A machine fed by several coils, sews the fiber to the backing (lawn base) while on the otherside blades cut the fibers to the desired size.


Any irregular stitches are detected by a supervisor and corrected immediately by hand

Sealing and core drilling.

A roller prints a sealing layer to the backing and a constant temperature oven seals it.
The backing is then drilled to enable drainage.

IBV Testing.

The lawn passes quality controls to ensure that it meets the set technical specifications.

Packaging and Storage

Finally the lawn is packaged in rolls up to 70m and stored until it leaves to its destination.

Do you want to see the whole process?

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RealTurf, Sensations Technologies.

RealTurf has developed different technologies to provide specific characteristics to its products, thus achieving a technologically advanced product with amazing features. RealTurf brings you closer to the future of artificial turf.

Discover our unique technologies in the market.

RealTurf Guarantee

The artificial turf guarantee is as important as any other product, so RealTurf artificial turf has a 10-year guarantee. This guarantee means that the color of the fiber and its strength will remain intact at least during these years.

The raw materials used in combination with the latest technologies make RealTurf artificial turf maintain all of its properties for much longer. In addition, our products comply with all safety regulations and with international standards.

All this makes the RealTurf turf a durable and durable product.